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PDAs - thisisnotme - 03-02-2008

Another plugin interesting is the one who lets you access the ppc file system of an attached pda. I don't remember the name of it now, but I used it when I had a ppc some months ago and it was useful to bypass the stupid activesync software, so I thik some users would like it

RE: PDAs - ULTIMA PRIME - 03-02-2008

It is good idea. Unfortunately, you might be thinking about WinCE plugin. the issues behind that has already been discussed in Polish. I assume that you don't know this language so you can find translation below:

ULTIMA PRIME Wrote:I gree with you completely and I'd like to add this kind of plugin very much.
There is one important "but":

WARNING! Requires installed ActiveSync before using this plugin!

This is the reason why it cannot be included into the project.

If you are thinking about other plugin, which will not require ActiveSync - I will add it with pleasure.