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tail by viewer - nadavbil - 01-21-2008

I would like to use the viewer of the TC UP as a tail (like unix) for log files.
I mean that the viewer will refresh automaticaly whenever the log file is updating.

Is it possible ?

If not maybe configure one of the F# key to run an external tail program with the selected file.

Any ideas will be wellcom.

Thansk Nadav.

RE: tail by viewer - fenixproductions - 01-21-2008

Internal solution

You need to install additional lister plugin:

External solution

You need to download an application which will follow the tail for specified file (i.e. this one).

You have to create your own command for loading this software:
1. menu Configuration -> Misc
2. choose needed F# key
3. click on magnify glass icon upon "Command"
4. navigate to the "WCMD_XXX.ini" or "usercmd.ini" in the left side and click it (XXX is yours interface language abbreviation)
5. click on the "New..." button and set command's desired name (needs to have "em_" prefix)
6. Configure needed application as below:
Command - click on ">>" and choose proper EXE file,
Parameters - %P%N
rest options up to you
7. OK -> OK
8. click the button with the green mark and OK once again

Now you can view selected log file just via F# key.

RE: tail by viewer - [HUN]Peti - 01-26-2008

Nice idea, I'm working on Tail function in the new "Ultimate Viewer" app.