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Full Version: vim/gvim
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Since people that use a software like Total Commander are likely to be considered a power user, they might like (g)vim as well.

This would be my suggestion for a great, powerful and customizable general purpose editor.

Of course, vim takes some getting used to, but it ships with a tutorial and once you get used to the commands it's very powerful.

As for the licensing:
Quote:I) There are no restrictions on distributing unmodified copies of Vim except
that they must include this license text. You can also distribute
unmodified parts of Vim, likewise unrestricted except that they must
include this license text. You are also allowed to include executables
that you made from the unmodified Vim sources, plus your own usage
examples and Vim scripts.
Any voices on this?
(12-01-2010, 12:18 AM)Alshain Wrote: [ -> ]Any voices on this?

+1 vote