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Full Version: [bug] Miranda crash
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I would like to inform about crash when i open the "user information" of any icq member. I think that problem is with icq.dll library. I tried to download another version of icq.dll and without problems. Please test it in next version of tcup for fix.

[Image: th_miranda_crash.jpg]
I've had the same problem starting with TCUP 3.9. So I saved "icq.dll" file from the Miranda that was used in TCUP 3.8 and I substitute with it the one in newer versions of Miranda. The problem is gone Smile
Also the same thing happens with Jabber and same solution works.
So I think this must be Miranda's problem and not TCUP's.
ehm, if problem persist, is there necessary to repair it in next version. In tcup is special version of miranda, and there is necessary take a look to the problem from person who develop it, solution is no replacement of .dll library but repair it from miranda development team.
Does this error still exist in the newest version (4.6)?