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Full Version: Calculator: SpeQ
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I've tried HEXelon MAX, and looks beautiful. You can do most of today calculations with this software with no problem. And overall, its interface is BEAUTIFUL.

But try SpeQ. Is not as beautiful, but its interface is the most useful i've found around there. Some hilights:
- It's history. You can see previous calculations by default, and reuse them. The way HEXelon manages it is worse. Even it you close it, and restart the program, you keep your history that it stores in a tiny file inside its own dir.
- Define & use variables. You can say: euro=166,386. And then... 78*euro...
- Font. You can use your favourite font, so I can use a big one that is readable
- And much much more like a list of constants, graphs, etc.

And all in a freeware already portable software.
Look really good but we prefer to stay with HEXelon.