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Full Version: TC UP 8.5 - Main menu is always in English
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When I run TCUP64.exe, it always loads the Main Menu in English.
The correct language only works when I run TCUP.exe.
[ReleaseFixed] [10.50RC4] [x64] Dark mode, always English menu

Yes, I knew about this problem, but I found that there were so many nice new features in Total Commander, that I decided to add TC 10.50RC4 (current version as at the TC UP release date) to TC UP 8.5.

This will be fixed in TC UP 8.6
Thank you for your report!
Yes, it is known bug in TC RC4. As Robert said, it is fixed in TC final release (10.5).
Here is a thread that describes the problem ->
TC author suggest to add a button to buttonbar that loads proper menu (need to be clicked each time you run TC).
If you don't want to wait ofr TC UP 8.6, you can also replace manually TC program files with TC 10.5 (but you need to be carefull what you replace).
Thank you for your answers.
I'd better wait for TC UP 8.6, so I don't accidentally copy something wrong.