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Udostępniam chętnym ikonę TC UP do dalszych modyfikacji. Być może ktoś stworzy ciekawe tapety dla reszty użytkowników.

Hereby I am sharing TCUP's icon for modification purposes. I hope someone will create nice wallpapers for the rest of the users.
Here is the first sample Smile
Nie miałem dzisiaj internetu cały dzień, więc się trochę pobawiłem w Photoshopie. Wyszło coś takiego:
Another wallpapers for TC UP (1024x768 and 1280x1024).
Few buttons to place in fans signatures Wink
fenixproductions Wrote:Few buttons to place in fans signatures Wink

The icon on the last one could be much better..
ADDED:I suggest using TC UP icon for this, either 16x16 or 48x48 resized to 18x18, both look much better.

ADDED2: And you could change url to Cool
Changed but it doesn't look so nice also.
Previously I've used image from my first post. Now there is 48x48 icon (taken from tc up.exe) resized to 18x18 in IcoFX.
Two variations for Ultima wish.
Here's another one.
This is APNG image so only new browsers (Opera 9.5, Firefox 3) can show animation for that. The rest will display simple image.
Moja tapeta.
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