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I have problems with the installer does not advance more than 99% windows 8 64bit I have tried with 2 different pc and gives me the same error Sad
try right click on installer and then Run as Administrator
I run it as administrator and nothing, the same problem
only happens with version 5.9 in the 5.8 works fine, they made some changes to the installer?
Try download again installer.
I can confirm romulus complaint. Total Commander Ultima Prime has some problem in the installer, in my case using Windows 7 64 bit. I had to abort the installation (via task manager) and arrange the extra TCUP menu system to work in english, then later I could manage to use my local language.

Why TCUP does not keep the settings (.INI) file from previous version? It will be far more friendly if we were not forced to uninstall when a new one is released.

Apart from that, congratulations for your efforts, keep up the good work!
Thank you very much jotapal.
I resolved the problem by changing the language to English when you install it in my native language (Spanish) gives problems

Best Regards
I write...

(12-13-2013, 01:21 PM)ULTIMA PRIME Wrote: [ -> ]Try download again installer.

Why do not you listening?
Make sure the previous version is completely