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Full Version: Help!: Problem when trying to replace Windows Explorer
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I'm using TC UP 5.6 on Windows 7, and I want that when I double click a folder, it opens in TC rather than Windows Explorer.
So I clicked Appearance > Replace Windows Explorer > On, then popped up a message box saying "file not found".


I have read the help documentation and googled but didn't manage to find an answer~~ Any idea? Thanks a lot!
(01-19-2012, 06:09 PM)Pawel Wrote: [ -> ]It is disabled in Windows 7. TC UP menu should not have this entries (but still has...).
It only works for Windows XP.
Dont try to click on that bat files on Windows 7, if you find them.

OK, I see.
But is this possible: when I double click a folder, it opens up in TC instead of Windows Explorer?